Baby Geo Candle
Baby Geo Candle
Baby Geo Candle
Baby Geo Candle

Baby Geo Candle

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Our Baby Geo candles!

Silver Chrome in the scent “Ruby Jasmine” a fruity/floral scent.

Clear Pearl in the scent “fluffy towels” perfect for setting the right vibe. Fresh, warm & cosy! 

Rose gold in the scent “Rose Wonderland” a gorgeous dupe of the softener, a truly fresh scent.

White in the scent inspired by “Marshmallow fluff” beautiful warm scent. 

Matte Pink in the scent “peony & blush suede” a stunning floral scent. 

• Approx Burn Time - 25-30hrs


Please ensure you keep your candle well tended to by always trimming your wick after every burn, burning for no more than 4 hours at a time, keeping your candle well out of reach of children and your candle must never be unattended.